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QLD Flood Update

QLD Flood Update

28 January 2011

It's one thing to promise your clients how good you will be in a crisis. It's quite another to have to deliver on that promise.

TIMG has always promised its clients that we will provide them with secure and reliable recovery services in the event of a disaster. Unfortunately, disaster came to Brisbane, and it required us to put all of our experience, processes and Disaster Recovery plans to the ultimate test.

Most daunting was the reality that we had to deliver on our promise not just to one or two clients, but to a significant number of our clients simultaneously. Once the gravity of the situation became apparent, we realised that a variety of major immediate challenges lay ahead. These included maintaining our strict security protocols while delivering to alternate addresses, such as making urgent delivery of assets to Sydney and Melbourne.

Given our commitment to our role in the event of disaster, we provided our clients with the peace of mind that we were ready, willing and able to continue performing our core tasks of delivering and collecting clients data from their premises. Throughout the crisis, we monitored our performance and sought improvements in our policies and procedures. Meanwhile, TIMG's systems and staff proved to be highly flexible in finding solutions in response to what was for our clients, a unique event. We believe our performance during the flood crisis is a testament both to our 'can do' attitude and to our capacity to service our clients' needs quickly, efficiently and professionally.

We learned a great deal during this period. The flood reinforced for us the primacy of location in Disaster Recovery planning. That our facility was entirely unaffected by this massive flood reassured us that we had chosen its location well. Secondly, the disaster reinforced for us the imperative of maintaining regular services in times of our clients' greatest need, while responding to the many unique requirements they experienced. During this time, logistics became the key service management issue, as we were required to collect tapes from various sites around the Brisbane area and deliver them to various DR sites in Brisbane, as well as interstate and overseas.

In the normal course of business, DataBank regularly conducts DR tests for data centres on a one-off basis. In effect, the Queensland floods forced us to conduct multiple simultaneous Disaster Recoveries. TIMG's standard response time for an urgent service request is 90 minutes. We always meet this standard under normal conditions: we also met this standard on every occasion during the time when it was most critical.

DataBank as a business, particularly DataBank Queensland, has gained valuable experience from the recent weather events in Brisbane. We are proud of the efforts of our staff throughout the terrible disaster that befell Queenslanders. Most of all, we are proud that when our clients needed us most, we came through for them.

Just as we promised we would.

Customer Feedback from the Flood Crisis

'Sean at DataBank (now TIMG) recently helped us out with providing some office space when we were unable to access our premises. Sean and his staff were incredibly helpful and went out of their way to ensure we could operate effectively in a comfortable environment. Nothing was a problem for any of the staff and they made us all feel very welcome.

We have been using DataBank (now TIMG) for some time now for the storage of our backup tapes and are now looking at moving all of our storage items to their premises.

I would highly recommend the services of Sean and his team at DataBank to anyone looking at their storage requirements.'
Joint Managing Director, QLD Finance Company


'Last week with the developing flood crisis in Queensland, we were one of the companies that needed to arrange for tapes to be transported from the DataBank (now TIMG) storage facility in Brisbane to our office in Sydney. With our Brisbane office temporarily closed due to rising flood waters in the surrounding areas and power cut, it became critical that we were able to obtain our backup tapes in order for data to be restored at an alternative site.

Throughout these trying times, I would sincerely like to thank the efforts of the DataBank (now TIMG) team in Queensland. Your perseverance and professionalism in trying to find a way to get the tapes to interstate locations around Australia even when you would have been extremely worried about your own homes, families and friends was appreciated.

I would also like to thank the DataBank (now TIMG) staff who were involved in the transportation of our tapes and commend you on the way that you kept us informed throughout the whole process. The regular updates were very much appreciated and allowed us to concentrate on other tasks. We are grateful for the service that DataBank (now TIMG) provided in these trying times and look forward to continuing to work with you.'

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