Base Mounted Mobile Storage System

Mobile shelving - 'compactus style' manual systems can be easily converted to compactus style units. These base mounted mobile storage units maximise the effective use of office floor space. You can lock these extremely strong, pre-fabricated bases. Furthermore, they do not require fixing to the floor.

Aislesaver Mobile Storage Units

Aislesaver Mobile Storage Units utilise a unique low profile track system. The benefit of this system are:

  • They can be installed on most floor surfaces.
  • The system can be developed using a wide range of filing accessories.
  • Tracks do not require fixing to the floor which makes the system quick to install.
  • Eeasy to move, easy to relocate or reconfigure.
  • Aislesaver Mobile Storage Units do not require a base.
  • They can be installed in a conventional cross-aisle direction or a lateral, sideways-moving mode.

TIMG Formfile mobile shelving units are available in a wide range of colours and configurations.

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Mobile shelving – ‘compactus style’ manual systems

We supply Mobile shelving – ‘compactus style’ manual systems.

  • Base Mounted Mobile Storage System
  • Aislesaver Mobile Storage Units

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