FujiFilm's LTO9 Ultrium 45TB RW Data Cartridge is the latest exciting arrival in offsite data storage. This bigger capacity tape achieves its increased storage capacity using barium ferrite (BaFe) magnetic particles. Further material design has ensured high tracking performance in addition to stable and excellent performance. Above all, this is a reliable and stable backup product. This LTO-9 product is capable of delivering high-speed data transfers reaching up to 1,000MB/sec. for compressed data (400MB/sec. native), a 25% increase over LTO-8*.

  • This LTO9 Ultrium tape stores up to 18TB in native or uncompressed capacity.
  • The Fujifilm LTO9 Ultrium tape stores up to 45TB of compressed data at speeds up to 1,000MB/sec. compressed. 
  • Another important value add asociated with tape storage is "air gap" data protection. Meaning your data is physically isolated from your network, thus minimising the risk of data damage or loss caused by system failures, exposure to computer viruses and cyberattacks.

(* FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 8 Data Cartridge that complies with the 8th generation LTO Ultrium standards)

FujiFilm LTO9 Ultrium 18TB/45TB Data Cartridge

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FujiFilm LTO9 Ultrium 45TB RW Data Cartridge

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