TIMG Formfile-Six File Covers



The TIMG Formfile-Six File Covers (FF6 file cover) is a sleek white file cover with an overall hyper seal. Designed to be the foolscap option for the colour coded filing system, it comes in two styles. The first, designed with the legal fraternity in mind, has a punched fold over flap to be used with either Permclips or FileFast Easyclips for fast review of paperwork.

The second has the punched hole flap removed, for general use in the corporate environment.


  • 355gsm
  • Foolscap size
  • Glued grabflap or no glued grabflap
  • Punched fold over flap
  • Dimensions: D387mm x H241mm
  • 250 per box

TIMG Formfile-Six File Covers

$300.00$498.00 inc. GST

TIMG Formfile-Six (FF6) File Covers

  • FF6 File Covers / FF6 CUT File Covers
  • Optional purchase with FileFast EasyClips
  • Comes with glued grabflap or no glued grabflap designs

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