TIMG Formfile-Seven File Covers



The TIMG Formfile-Seven File Covers  (FF7 file cover) is TIMG Formfile's presentation file cover. Designed with a large expanding inner pocket, it has a printed guide for the colour coded labels down the grab flap. The 'Title' box on the front cover is printed both laterally and vertically to ensure that the file can be utilised in any manner.

The back of the file is printed with a 'Movement Record' to allow the file to be traced around the office and all changed updated. With navy printing and watermark the file is smart and stylish; suitable for a corporate environment.


  • 355gsm
  • Extended front page
  • Double glued grabflap
  • Punched glued gusset
  • Dimensions: D356mm x H256mm (closed)
  • Expansion of 35mm
  • Optional purchase with Filefast Easyclip
  • 200 per box

TIMG Formfile-Seven File Covers

$416.90 inc. GST

TIMG Formfile-Seven (FF7) File Covers.

  • Box of 200.
  • Optional purchase with Filefast Easyclip

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