The TIMG Data Fastener TF77-2300 is a reliable and efficient solution for securely holding your important documents.  Crafted from a durable and bright white metal, this fastener ensures the safety and organisation of your files.

Designed to be compatible with most of our extensive rang of TIMG Formfile, GFS and Tidyfiles file folders, the Data Fastener offers versatility and convenience.

With its robust construction, the TIMG Data Fastener is capable of holding up to 180 document sheets.  This ample capacity allows you to efficiently organise and store a significant amount of paperwork, ensuring easy access and retrieval when needed.  Whether you are managing personal files, business documents, or any other important records, the Data Fastener provides a reliable solution for keeping everything in order.

To cater for your specific needs, the TIMG Fastener is conveniently available for purchase in packs of 50  ensuring you have enough on hand to meet your filing requirements.  Whether you are setting up a new filing system or replenishing your existing stock, the pack size offers flexibility and convenience.

Investing in the TIMG Data Fastener means investing in the security and organisation of your documents.  With its sturdy construction, compatability with a wide range of our file folder range, generous capacity and convenient pack size, this fastener is a practical choice for individuals and businesses alike.  Trust in the TIMG Data Fastener to keep your files safe and secure, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • 180 sheet capacity
  • Durable white metal design
  • Available in packs of 50

The Information Management Group source its files, clips and labels from suppliers with certification in world standard sustainability practices.  The materials used ae the best tiered offering for superior strength, durability and smoothness.

  • Elemental Chlorine Free (EFC)
  • Acid free manufacturing process for archival properties

We pride ourselves in providing end to end solutions for our clients and ensuring that we understand our client's needs and deliver these in a quick seamless manner.  We are also happy to consult to clients shoould they wish to look at alternative solutions.

TIMG Data Fasteners

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TIMG Data Fasteners


  • Up to 180 sheet capacity
  • Comes in boxes 50

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