TIMG FileIT Kit – Comes with 50 x FF1 files, 50 x CLFF FileFast EasyClips, and a selection of 900 alphabetical, numeric and year labels.

Start your lateral filing in style with the TIMG FileIT Kit.


  • 50 x FF1 File Covers
  • 50 x CLFF FileFast Easy Clips
  • A - Z letters
  • 0-9 numbers
  • Year labels (current and previous year)
  • 900 labels in total
  • Housed in an easy to store FitIT Kit box.

The FF1 file cover used in the FileIT Kit is TIMG’s most popular lateral file.

Designed to be the core of the colour coded filing system it has a printed guide for the colour coded labels down the grab flap. The 'title' box on the front cover is printed both laterally and vertically to ensure that the file can be utilised in any manner. The back of the file is printed with a 'Movement Record' to allow the file to be tracked around the office and all changes updated.

With the dimensions of 356mm depth and 256mm height, the FF1 file cover opens up to an expansion of 35mm.

The TIMG CLFF FileFast EasyClip in the FileIT Kit are designed to easily hold large quantities of papers in the TIMG lateral colour-coded filing system. The ingenious three-part clip allows papers to be added throughout the file without all the papers being removed.

The labels supplied in the FileIT Kit are Standard size, Single Colour coded, self-adhesive labels. Laminated and made with lightfast inks, our labels look brighter and last longer.

The TIMG FileIT Kit can be utilised in any medical, educational, or corporate office environment.

*Please note that clips do not come attached.

TIMG source its files, Clips, and Labels from suppliers with certification in world standard sustainability practices. The materials used are the best tiered offering for superior strength, durability, and smoothness.

  • Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
  • Acid free manufacturing process for archival properties

We pride ourselves in providing end to end solutions for our clients and ensuring that we understand our client’s needs and deliver these in a quick seamless manner. We are also happy to consult to clients should they wish to look at alternative solutions.

File It – Starter Kit

$183.00 inc. GST


  • 50 x FF1 File Covers
  • 50 x CLFF FileFast EasyClips
  • 900 x Numeric, Alphabetical and Year Labels
  • All housed in a easy to store FileIT Kit box

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