TIMG's A3 Archive Cartons are made to the highest industry standards. Above all, our A3 Archive Cartons are designed for the long-term protection of your archive. These boxes are made of the highest board grade with information panels on the front of the box. You will easily be able to record and identify box details and information from the front panels. We encourage good archiving practice at the outset, so that you minimise issues later down the track.

  • The TIMG A3 Archive Carton is easy to assemble and above all, easy to use
  • Triple layer ends
  • TIMG A3 Archive Carton is available in packs of 25
  • Dimensions: L x 500mm H x 150mm D x 390mm

TIMG A3 Archive Carton – Pack of 25

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A3 Archive Carton.

Available in packs of 25.

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