Outsourced Records Storage – Your ‘Must-have’ to Restore Work-life Balance

Outsourced Records Storage – Your ‘Must-have’ to Restore Work-life Balance

03 October 2017

Managing the storage of your data and records can be a complex matter, especially in a large company where handling legal, medical or other sensitive information is an integral part of the day-to-day activities of your organisation. Often, we find our clients spend too much time filing and organising their records, only to find that they can’t find the data or documentation they need later due to ineffective, time-consuming systems and processes.

Inefficient systems can lead to numerous frustrations for you, your staff and your clients. Partnering with a team who specialises in document management is essential if you are finding you are having valuable time absorbed by document management tasks. As a fast-moving business, the ability to access documents and data quickly is a standard requirement to enable you to work effectively without unnecessary hold-ups and delays for your customers.

Whether your business needs a complete archiving solution, storage for legal or medical records, document conversion and digitisation or simply secure destruction; TIMG has the experience, capability, and know-how to partner with you; enabling you to regain work-life balance. A tailored service can provide you with packing, cataloguing, barcoding, indexing of files, and scanning all or selected documents to meet the needs of your business operations. Other benefits of outsourced records storage include:

  • Securely store and back up your records with confidence
  • Reclaim office space currently taken up by in-house records storage
  • Access to your records 24/7
  • More efficient work time from your team
  • Efficient data search and reporting capabilities
  • Conform to the Privacy Act with the guidance of the TIMG team
  • Minimise cyber-attack risks through secure back ups
  • No longer dread compliance requirements and audits of document storage
  • Stay ahead of trends in document management techniques.

We provide records storage solutions for clients nationwide, with specialties within the following fields:

  • Legal and conveyancing – including storage of Custodial Packets, Verification of Identity, Deeds and matter files
  • Finance – including document or records storage, data conversion, and filing and storage
  • Insurance – including off-site storage, secure destruction, document conversion and digitisation
  • Healthcare– including secure off-site storage and management of medical records.

With an entirely outsourced and scheduled or on demand archive culling, packing, barcoding and indexing service performed by our experienced and specially trained staff, you will gain peace of mind and operational efficiency. Records storage and data management don’t have to be the pain points of your business. Regain your work-life balance and partner with a team who specialise in records storage, to allow you to put your best foot forward.

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