Legal Records Management for Law Firms

Tailor-made solutions for legal records, including storage of Custodial Packets, Verification of Identity, Deeds and matter files.   At TIMG, we take information management just as seriously as you do. After all, we understand just how…

Tailor-made solutions for legal records, including storage of Custodial Packets, Verification of Identity, Deeds and matter files. 

 At TIMG, we take information management just as seriously as you do. After all, we understand just how important the critical information you manage and protect is. That’s why we have created specialised solutions tailor-made to specific industries. In particular, we specialise in the management and off-site storage of legal records. 

Your records are stored in a highly controlled, secure environment allowing easy and fast retrieval, tracking and reporting by authorised personnel using our high-security asset-tracking software. 

No longer do you have to fear cyber-attacks, security breaches or data loss; and meeting auditing and risk-management requirements becomes simpler. 

As a professional within the legal field, we recognise your need to quickly access your documents and real-time data. 

Here’s how our purpose-built solutions can benefit your business: 

Conveyancing file Storage – You handle the law, we’ll handle the files. This solution is simple to use with absolutely no fuss. 

Our specialised archiving services for law firms and conveyancers allow home-based conveyancers, sole practitioners and major multi-partner firms to free their space and staff, while eliminating the stress of file archiving, storage and retrieval. 

Closed file archiving is generally the least liked, most inefficient and error-prone part of a law or conveyancing practice. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With our closed file archiving services, there’s nothing for you or your staff to do after each file is closed. Simply place files into tubs provided by us and we’ll take care of the rest – from packing, barcoding and secure storage through to eventual secure destruction. You handle the law – we’ll handle the files. 

In addition to eliminating the stress of archiving, our service is packaged to enable recovery of the lifetime cost of file retention upon closing each matter. 

The combination of these services results in immediate and lasting operational and financial improvements in this difficult though important aspect of a busy law or conveyancing practice. 

Services include: 

  • Free scheduled collection
  • Barcoding and indexing of each file
  • Secure storage for the agreed retention period
  • Scanning of files and secure online image hosting
  • Online access for complete visibility and control
  • On-demand retrieval of files – either same day, next day or for urgent documents, by image-on-demand in as little as 15 minutes
  • Insertion of documents into stored files
  • Secure destruction of files once they have passed their required retention period


There is no need for your staff to know in which box a particular file is located – you just ask for what you want by your client name or matter number. 

Our legal file archiving service is a proven system to: 

  • Ensure closed legal files are securely stored and available on demand 
  • Immediately eliminate space problems and operational problems with files
  • Free up hours of staff time per week
  • Enable recovery of the lifetime cost of archiving upon the closing of each matter
  • Ensure compliance with long-term file retention and Privacy Law obligations 

Simply a better way 

No matter what the state of your existing archives, we can quickly and cost-effectively put you back in control of your archived files and get archiving permanently off your to-do list. 

Contact us for more information or an obligation-free consultation to see how our legal file archiving can benefit you and your business. 

Matter file, Will and Custodial Packet storage

Keep your clients’ confidential information safe in our secure state-of-the-art premises. We have the space to store just about anything. 

With fast urgent file retrieval times and software specially developed for tracking individual files both on site and off-site, tracking and storing your closed-matter files has never been easier. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Barcoding of individual files – meaning a better audit trail, cheaper retrievals and no requirement to purchase boxes 
  • Secure handling and transport of files by security-vetted, permanent employees – not sub-contracted couriers
  • Urgent file retrieval and delivery guaranteed within metro sites – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 
  • Specialised, secure and climate-controlled storage areas for Wills, Deeds and Custodial Packets 
  • No call centres – talk directly to your dedicated local operations team every time, even after-hours 
  • Document scan-on-demand and back-scanning services. 


Online culling tool for closed-matter files 

We have developed an online culling tool specifically for the legal industry. Our team has an acute understanding of the importance of effectively managing closed-matter files, and we know that when it comes to retrievals, time is of the essence and accuracy is paramount. 

We have worked alongside many law firms of all sizes, developing solutions that result in easier, more efficient and cost effective ways of storing and tracking closed-matter files. 

Features and benefits of our online tool: 

  • Barcodes allocated to individual files for a better audit trail 
  • Have your complete legal file database imported into our online system with data fields including: Matter Number, Client Name, Open and Closed Dates and Destruction Date
  • When allocating a barcode to a file being culled, search for the Matter Number on our system, and all relevant fields pertaining to that file will automatically be populated (no manual data entry and better accuracy) 
  • Export search results, inventory lists, and manage destruction online.