Inspiring Lessons from Women in Technology

The information technology industry has contributed significantly to creating improvements for managing information, streamlining workflow processes and protecting data. While men have traditionally played a large role in this field, an increasing number of women…

The information technology industry has contributed significantly to creating improvements for managing information, streamlining workflow processes and protecting data. While men have traditionally played a large role in this field, an increasing number of women have added their talents in recent years and delivered considerable business advantages in the process. While we celebrate “International Women’s Day 2017”, we believe that every day it is important to acknowledge all our staff and support women in the workplace. Not all women are treated with the respect that they are due, so we would like to acknowledge the great work accomplished by some of the very talented women we have at TIMG, especially in the areas of technology and information management.

Since TIMG’s inception, we have sought to create innovative ways to solve the crucial problem of how best to protect and manage data. Fortunately, we have had bright women in our organisation with proven commitment to solving this problem. Through their efforts, we can deliver smart, cost-effective solutions to our clients, accompanied by outstanding service. Helping in this regard has been Shabnam Pourbozorgi, National Manager of TIMG. Since starting at TIMG in 2000, when it was just a fledgling company, Shab has been instrumental in setting up TIMG business centres across the country and ensuring the successful growth of our company. She has assisted in developing the systems and processes ensuring TIMG meets its exacting customer service KPIs. This positive work is not just embedded in our culture but is essential for compliance.


“As a woman in a technology company, I feel very fortunate. I know that, despite decades of progress, women in almost all industries still face significant social and institutional hurdles to success in their chosen careers. At TIMG, I have always felt that recognition of my contribution to the company was completely gender-independent. I put this down to the very strong egalitarian culture that the company has always maintained. My message to other women is this: companies with good culture do exist. It is worth seeking these companies out. Life is too short to be spent working where you don’t feel valued for who you are.”


Another outstanding performer at TIMG is Tineke Mann, our eBusiness Manager. Tineke has been with the company since 2003 and in recent years has successfully built up our digital business. Currently, Tineke is working with our IT division to develop niche eDiscovery and data search solutions.

Tineke combines her love of technology with her ability to understand and relate to people. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Tineke was typically forthright when asked for her views on how women can succeed in the workplace:



“TIMG has always been a phenomenal workplace for me. The atmosphere is dynamic, the challenges are many and ever-changing. It’s a place where people are always encouraged to be their best. That’s what you’ve got to do as a woman, you’ve got to constantly challenge yourself. The world is full of amazing opportunities and those opportunities don’t care what gender you are. It helps to have a supportive boss or company. But best of all to have your own support. So be your own greatest inspiration and just go for it!”


Finally, we’d like to acknowledge another standout performer, Val Pitt, Communications Manager and co-founder of LitSupport, a company acquired by TIMG. Val is a pioneer who saw an opportunity in the marketplace to deliver quality outsourced support services to the legal industry. She forged ahead to build a successful company over 21 years. Of course, being a pioneer does have its challenges. Even so, Val stayed resolute and achieved incredible results. Val has clear advice for other women who are struggling to make their mark in technology:



“There is no doubt that technology has dramatically enhanced the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of many businesses. Those enhancements, however, have also created important challenges which have yet to be effectively resolved. To make a difference, these changes should be led by a diverse pool of both great men and women together. As an entrepreneur, I have had to remain resilient when faced with obstacles based on gender bias and I rose above these despite my frustration. I think women have a tremendous opportunity to make it better for one another. Women are really banding together and helping each other out but we need more of that. We need women to invest in each other and promote each other.” 

At TIMG, we greatly value talent no matter where it arises and actively encourage diversity of gender and cultures. We are a melting pot of people from many backgrounds with unique experiences. Our common goal is a commitment to creating a successful company founded on such values as equal opportunity, individual initiative, creative problem-solving and dedication.

On International Women’s Day, we recognise that there is still a long way to go for all women to receive equal recognition and opportunity in some industries. At TIMG, we are committed to breaking down these barriers by encouraging all our staff—women and men—to be the best they can be, by developing and delivering the best possible information management solutions to all our valued clients.