How Children’s Records Should be Protected

Providing care. Archiving paperwork. Both take time. How can you get back the time and cost you’re losing while archiving? Consider your most relaxing holidays away. Those breaks were likely enhanced by preparation. Gathering information ahead of…

Providing care. Archiving paperwork. Both take time. How can you get back the time and cost you’re losing while archiving?

Consider your most relaxing holidays away. Those breaks were likely enhanced by preparation. Gathering information ahead of time, so whilst away you knew where to go and how to get there. You had your camera ready and knew what weather to expect. That helps you relax and focus on the good stuff.

The same goes for information management. When you have all the admin sorted, you can have confidence all information is safe, protected and organised in a way that allows ease of access for your authorised employees.

In your children’s program, there are all sorts of unexpected incidents, playtime, learning experiences, routines, events and interactions that never cease to fill your day. It’s nice to ensure your paperwork is predictable and sorted in advance. This level of organisation lets you stay present in each moment with the children.

Safety and Privacy for Children

Many practices collect and record sensitive information – not just personal family information, but practical notes about behaviour, learning, development, family concerns and knowledge about interactions with other children. This practice helps you make the best decisions moving forward.

Smart companies embrace technology to make security their priority, leveraging offsite or digital solutions to simplify each task. Use the right tools to help simplify and solve problems rather than add to them. 

What’s causing the problem?

Looking after children isn’t just looking after children. With that responsibility comes paperwork such as enrolment forms, accident report forms, payment records, etc.

Australian law requires most of a child’s information to be kept and stored until the child reaches 25 years of age. Secure storage of these records can often be an issue.

As you reflect on what works well and what might need changing in your children’s program, do you feel completely satisfied that you are organised when it comes to those sensitive child records?

The speed of innovation even in the childcare industry is driven by two key factors: the growth of technical capability and the proliferation of demands. As potential customers discover new possibilities, wish-lists naturally begin to expand. To keep pace, most childcare centres enjoy the opportunity to share with parents how safely secured their children’s records are kept. This builds a trusting relationship between your practice and the families it serves.

Your practice no doubt has goals and objectives for positive outcomes. Your organisation of time should align with those goals. Furthermore, consider how your safekeeping measures align with your practice’s security goals to enhance the children’s personal safety. Help the parents and guardians feel secure and satisfied that leaving their child and their personal information in your hands means being looked after with care.

timg_education_2-300x196 Can you ever have too much time?

Caring for children is about playful entertainment, engaging their minds, feeding their imagination and teaching in creative ways. You build trust, provide comfort and assurance. This takes a lot of time. But so does filing. We’d like to help you save that valuable time. TIMG’s Complete Archiving service works so that more of your time is available where it should be – with the children!

TIMG designed a solution that links the entire archiving process together. Information is secure and readily accessible at your fingertips anytime.

TIMG’s Complete Archiving service provides utmost security because files are securely stored and precisely tracked. With our online system, you have full tracking and management capabilities so files are available on demand and accessible online 24/7. You even have the ability to upload extra documents at any time. The ease of use truly eliminates that hassle of ongoing archiving.

timg_education_3-300x196 How it works

Every solution we offer is customisable to your unique needs. To get started, we supply you with barcoded files. We then arrange for your files to be picked up on a regular basis. Every document is scanned and uploaded onto our secure web portal for you to access anytime. With our document lifespan inclusion, the digital copy is saved in accordance with the law.

What’s in it for you?

Future-proof your business while guaranteeing safe and secure custody of people’s identities. Your centre becomes light on paper without sacrificing the ability to have files on your desktop when you want them. As a plus, the lifetime cost of file retention is able to be recovered at the onset of enrolment fees. Immediately create better, more efficient business operations.

TIMG is proud to maintain the highest compliance standards and accreditations within the industry. Our 96% overall approval rating from clients demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement in service and solutions.

To find out how TIMG can help your centre improve productivity and save you time, contact the team at TIMG today.