Five Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digitisation Requirements

Five Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digitisation Requirements

27 June 2017

Saving time and money is an important consideration for all businesses. Our team have put together their top tips about how digitisation can benefit your team.


Digitisation is the conversion of information to a digital format. It allows you to convert a document into the desired format without affecting the data structure.

Digitisation outsourcing is all about entrusting your requirements to a third-party organisation that specialises in the desired field. All handwritten documents are converted into digital format as part of the process.

Why is Digitisation Outsourcing Required?

As your business grows, so does your data, documentation and consumption of time in document management and the digitisation process. This leads to a huge demand for timely and accurate documentation and management of data. Digitisation outsourcing plays a vital role in helping businesses from across the globe store, share, retrieve and edit information with ease.

Typically digitisation requirements have been outsourced overseas due to price, but with a national network of services, we are able to provide a competitive Australian-based document outsourcing service that competes in the international marketplace.

Digitisation solutions are designed to offer a streamlined process to convert a document from one format to another ensuring the data remains legible for future purposes. This may entail conversion from handwritten to digital formats or digital documentation to encrypted electronic files to securely manage and present confidential data.

Digitisation can offer many benefits for you and your business. Our experts share some of the many benefits you can enjoy when you choose to outsource the data conversion process:

  1. Higher team productivity – Outsourcing allows your team to focus on core business tasks, rather than having their time consumed by digitisation and making data presentable.
  2. Save on space and money – Having provisions in place internally can be an incredible expense for a company to absorb. Equipping your team with the skills, equipment and knowledge to perform data conversion tasks can be extremely costly and time-consuming, with no guarantees of the quality of the result.
  3. Quality assurance – Before sending files, a quality assurance check will take place, ensuring there are no errors for your peace of mind. Using the very best software, our team are able to perform digitisation to a range of formats with zero error.
  4. Accessibility – As your business transitions to the digital age, many files will need to be converted from handwritten or typed documentation. Following the conversion to Word, PDF or similar your document can continue to be edited and added to as you require.
  5. Security and control – Peace of mind is one of the most common reasons clients choose to outsource their digitisation requirements. We keep a backup of all files, so should you incur a technical glitch or natural disaster our services ensure your business continues running smoothly, without interruption.


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