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eDiscovery and its importance in the legal space

eDiscovery and its importance in the legal space

26 February 2018

eDiscovery is widely known for its numerous benefits to legal teams. Time and cost savings are two of the main benefits we see legal practitioners experience, but it’s important to acknowledge that there are a wealth of benefits to be gained when you transition to eDiscovery. More than ever before, practitioners don’t have a choice whether to use eDiscovery, as it becomes a global requirement for many firms and clients alike.


It’s estimated that over 93% of documents in the legal space are now being created electronically. Gone are the days of discovery being prepared and exchanged in hard copy format, requiring excess time and funds to create, manage and distribute accordingly. The court also expects all parties to use technology in the management of documents and conduct of each matter including creating discovery lists, disclosing of documents and inspecting discovered documents and other material.


The courts encourage efficient document management by discouraging the printing of electronic documents and reproduction of hard copy documents. Encouraging the exchange of documents in the format they are ordinarily maintained in allows the party receiving the documents the same ability to access, search, review and display them as the party producing them, saving time on both sides. Requiring the parties to plan for appropriate discovery as early as possible in the proceedings with discovery plans and agreed protocols for the electronic exchange of documents is a standard requirement, so it’s important for you to keep up-to-date to meet the necessities of a modern-day court.


TIMG is making the shift to eDiscovery easy and accessible for law firms, corporate and government legal teams across Australia. Change can often seem overwhelming and it’s our role to ensure the transition is simple and hassle free. Our team offers hard copy processing (including conversion to electronic format), ESI processing, LitReview – powered by Ringtail data hosting and consultancy services, ensuring you have a team of eDiscovery experts on hand for all questions and concerns. TIMG provides all clients with access to the best available technology supported by a team of highly experienced litigation support specialists.


Why should your transition to eDiscovery happen now, and what benefits will it offer you?

  • Advanced search features reduce your reliance and costs for paralegals. Tagging and data searching functionality make even the most specific search a simple exercise.
  • Annotation features ensure that no matter how many eyes view and edit a document, all contributions are centralised for easy understanding.
  • Simple document conversion means merging, or recreating documents is a quick and easy task.
  • Adaptability can be instantaneous with eDiscovery, meaning you stay on top of any legal changes or discovery requirements.
  • Storage isn’t an issue, ultimately saving on costs and enhancing your useable work environment.
  • Cost and time reduction are perhaps the biggest and most noticeable benefit. Sourcing documents and locating excerpts of documents can be tedious and expensive.


Improve your practices and reap the benefits of eDiscovery. Hire a team of experts, with the most up-to-date systems, templates, and technology, for processing, reviewing and hosting electronic documents.

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