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Document management solutions that will change the way you do business

Document management solutions that will change the way you do business

25 May 2018

As business owners or managers, it’s very easy to get absorbed in areas of our companies that aren’t always essential to achieve our long-term strategic goals. One area we hear about time and time again is paperwork. It’s often a daunting pile of disorganised data and important documentation that can be forgotten about until the mound of work is unavoidable, taking hours to organise. I’m sure you will agree, this is not a best practice business method.

PaperLite is a TIMG developed software platform that avoids this paperwork build-up entirely. PaperLite has the ability to eliminate paperwork and emails completely whilst saving time and ensuring your administration is accurate, without human error. The joy of PaperLite lies within its ability to adapt to all industries and at the click of a button manage all expense claims, eradicating hours of paperwork and thinking time.

There are a range of benefits associated with this workflow solution:

  • Eliminating the need to manually enter and match data;
  • The ability to enter workflow-based business rules;
  • Automation of the invoice approval process, which reduces payment delays;
  • Payment of approved invoice data only, removing any post-payment adjustments such as credit claims;
  • The ability to alert suppliers automatically if an invoice is rejected, with the opportunity to remedy the situation without a need to send a new invoice;
  • Providing the ability to better plan and forecast budgets;
  • No more filing of hard copy records;
  • An improvement in document security and integrity.

We’ve partnered with Xero too, for your ultimate peace of mind. As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading accounting programs, together with Xero we can ensure maximum efficiencies are gained for your business. We’re confident that businesses who spend as little as two hours a week on their administration can benefit from the PaperLite system.

Teaming up with TIMG can provide you with many benefits and enhance the way you do business. As your one-stop-shop in document management solutions, we have given careful time and consideration to how to best provide our services to benefit you, no matter your business size, industry type, product or service.

JOTA is another example of how TIMG can help you reduce your paperwork trail. JOTA is an online ordering system that provides a detailed audit trail of all the work you order through LitSupport. It enables you to log and track all your legal copying, printing and scanning requirements via a secure online system. Simply placing your order through the website gets you started, and we look after the rest. No more paper audit trails, just a one-stop-shop system that lets you stay focused on the business areas that need you the most.

Every installation we work with contributes to savings within business, which means bottom line profit. We are confident that, should an opportunity present itself, our services will generate many of the benefits described.

Gain control of your administration and paper trail and get started with a TIMG solution that suits you.

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