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Data Tapes Still Rank No.1 for Security

Data Tapes Still Rank No.1 for Security

25 May 2016

With the market buzzing about the benefits of storing information in the Cloud, you would be forgiven for thinking that physical data storage is soon to be obsolete. Storing information in the Cloud does not guarantee complete security.  As we have seen, even multinational companies have fallen victim to cyber-attacks or unintentionally lose data.  With a growing push by governments to make companies liable for securing privacy data, it’s no wonder, IT Departments are favouring safer data management systems. Data tapes provide that safe alternative, especially if properly stored.  Like archives, data tapes need to be stored securely; offsite is the best option to protect your company against liability.  Equally important is easy access and retrieval, particularly when disaster strikes. Loss of data and downtime is extremely costly.

TIMG has secure off-site storage in specially designed vaults, together with an easy to use software tracking system. TIMG employs a dedicated team of professional drivers, available 24/7 to pick up and deliver tapes as needed. We can even provide you with a range of data tape options.

Did you know that in 2011, Google had to use back up tape to restore the email boxes of 40,000 users? And closer to home, during the Queensland floods in 2011, many of TIMG’s clients relied on backup tapes to restore their information after their servers were destroyed.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons to use data tapes:

  1. Portability:  Tape is still the only medium to reliably store data and secure it offsite for privacy and disaster recovery.
  2. Better longevity:  The physics of tape technology enable companies to extend its storage capacities.
  3. Scalability:  Tapes give businesses the ability to scale their storage capacity to meet future growth.
  4. Reduced energy costs: Studies repeatedly show that tape drives use less power and generate less heat than disk drives, resulting in energy costs that are 1/15th that of disk.
  5. Fast performance:  Data can now be retrieved in a matter of seconds or just a few minutes with the ability to move data at speeds of over 1TB/hr. per tape drive.


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