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How to Increase ROI with Records Security 

How to Increase ROI with Records Security 

01 June 2017
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Consider your company’s many assets: property, equipment, staff, brand, workforce and clients to name a few. Now let’s add your upfront costs into the equation. In addition to insurance, you spend money on training, repairs and marketing to nurture your assets so they improve in value.  You consider this to be a worthwhile investment that will provide a good return in the long-run.

Your records are an equally important asset – worth investing the resources to keep them secure and well-managed to improve their lifetime value.

In the same way that we put measures in place to protect and take care of our property, possessions and even our lives to improve or hold their value, your data needs equal protection and efficient management to maintain and enhance its value.

Many companies view security and records management as an expense; when in fact, protection and good management of assets is a positive investment.

Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Beyond just safeguarding your clients’ privacy and any business loss due to privacy breaches, consider how you can include security in your brand values. A commitment to data security can be communicated through your marketing as part of your greater corporate responsibility. This simple act showcases goodwill to your customers.

Accurate data management brings greater efficiencies in the delivery of services, quality of work, employee satisfaction, company’s reputation and savings in resources. These facets collectively contribute to your company’s profits and growth, in effect providing a good return on investment. Improved customer service provides the possibility to tap into new markets and grow your business.

For example, financial institutions spend millions ensuring that they mitigate as many security risks as possible. They also heavily invest in technology to improve customer experiences and access to financial information. These investments are communicated in their brand value to gain customers. In turn, these assets enhance the company’s brand, grow market share and net worth.

Work Smarter

When it comes to organising your data in the most effective way possible, it’s prudent to consider security and ease of accessibility. Minutes matter especially when you are searching for time-sensitive data across an organisation. Having an online database to access, track and manage your documents makes all the difference for efficiency, security and productivity.

There is no doubt that the need for sufficient storage space creates a major real estate problem. Not only do you have to invest in enough physical room, but adopt the right, flexible system that allows easy access. With closed file archiving services, your information is secure and accessible at all times. Outsourcing storage over the seven-year requirement results in long-term cost savings, especially if destruction is included.

In fact, by using the TIMG data access software, many of our clients rave about how much more productive they are with the time saved just searching for files.

Return on Investments at TIMG

TIMG has heavily invested in both physical and digital security, not only because this is what our clients expect but it is imperative for us to successfully conduct business. In preparing for our future, we have invested in the development of innovative technology for managing data. These investments are part of our brand value and a valuable asset that yields a high ROI.

Our management team actively invests in our people, innovative systems and processes to deliver a better ROI for our clients. They report significant cost benefits through better workflow practices, happier employees and considerable savings in time and resources. Our clients tell us that it gives them peace of mind to know their data is protected and well taken care of.

TIMG Compete Archiving services include secure destruction at the end of the document life and 24/7 data access through our user-friendly online management system.

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