3 Key Questions You Should Ask When Considering Veeam

So it’s Friday afternoon. You can see the weekend beckoning, fluttering its eyes at you. You’ve been slogging away all week, working hard and feeling productive, and boy do you deserve a break. And then…

So it’s Friday afternoon. You can see the weekend beckoning, fluttering its eyes at you. You’ve been slogging away all week, working hard and feeling productive, and boy do you deserve a break. And then suddenly…


Your computer goes down. And not just yours, all of them. Office-wide, your backups fail. Now your charming colleagues start joking around and mocking, ‘Does that mean we go home early?’ You suddenly want to start throwing things…

But the reality is that this shouldn’t have to happen. Nobody should go home for the day, because your recovery solution should be better than that. After all, don’t you aim to operate with no tolerance for downtime or data loss? So how quickly can you get everything back up and running?

How can you mitigate against downtime and data loss?

You know you should have full confidence that your backup system is going to be there when you need it. No organisation can risk losing critical data because of mediocre IT infrastructure.

As your business grows, so do your requirements for both minimising downtime and guaranteeing access to increasing amounts of valuable data. We live and work in an age of availability; consequently, the world has become always-on. So you need technology to match, technology that is always-on and capable of growing with this demand. If you appreciate innovation and reliability, then there is some good news ahead.

The Good News is Veeam

TIMG now powers Veeam, offering their Always-On Enterprise via the Veeam Availability Suite and TIMG Online Backup. Together, we make the security of your information both cost-effective and easy.

Veeam’s Availability Suite includes multiple options that can be tailored to your specific needs. Veeam has the ability to reliably automate recovery processes, reduce failure, and keep your business in the loop. Veeam Cloud Connect offers a fully integrated, secure and fast way to manage information backup. Read more about Veeam services here. 

Should you move to Veeam? Well, there are three key questions you need to ask:

1. Do you have visibility over your data, and can you detect potential problems before negative impact?

Sometimes, even in the most prepared of circumstances, backups can fail. Fortunately, Veeam offers customisable, proactive monitoring with alerts for when the system predicts there will be an impact. Veeam’s visibility dashboards are incredibly user-friendly, and are available before, during and after backup failure. This puts you in prime position to act before there is an operational impact.

2. Are you able to verify your data’s recoverability?

With Veeam Backup and Replication, recovery of every file, application or virtual server, every time is guaranteed. How does that compare with your current situation?

3. Can you mitigate deployment risks?

With Veeam, you have the strategic ability to eliminate the risks associated with configuration changes, application deployment, and testing scenarios. You can even test your changes in a production-like environment before actually going live.

If you answered ‘No’ to any of those questions, there’s every chance that a Veeam solution is right for you.

The TIMG / Veeam Dream Team

The Veeam Availability Suite solution, powered by TIMG, offers the fastest recovery to meet the strictest demands. Veeam is a scalable technology, which means it works for all size companies and enterprises. And it supports multiple platforms, offering easy recovery for all environments.

Incorporating Veeam enables you to effectively and efficiently manage unplanned outages. TIMG offers you the highest customer service levels of the industry, plus truly personalised solutions. Together, we have everything your business needs to build your comprehensive data protection strategy in today’s always-on environment.

For more details on how a TIMG / Veeam solution can be tailored to your business needs, please contact one of our friendly representatives.