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The year to innovate within your business is 2018.

The year to innovate within your business is 2018.

29 January 2018

Many businesses and their teams begin the new calendar year with hopes of reaching their business goals, but in reality, very few achieve the goals they set out to achieve in the new year. One thing is certain, a new year is an opportunity for growth, change and most importantly provides an opportunity for you to stop, analyse and reset how your business operates. We challenge you to ask yourself these simple questions as you embark upon 2018.

  • Is my business, or the business I work within, performing to the best of its ability?
  • Are we the leaders in the market? If not, why not?
  • What tasks absorb most of my time or the time of my team? Could these be outsourced for better efficiencies?
  • What does my ideal 2018 look like, and what support do I need to realistically achieve this vision?

Although simple, these questions can help on the path to organisation, efficiency and business success. Very often it is asking these questions that results in prospective clients initially making enquiries with us. They have stopped, analysed and decided to hit reset on the time-consuming and challenging tasks that prevent them from concentrating on the strategic list of tasks that we call ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.

TIMG’s services are vast, flexible and are suitable for all industries. We are confident we can help, but if you are cautious about dipping your toe into the world of outsourcing your requirements in 2018, we encourage you to delve a little deeper and to consider how the following services could help you.


Protect your data and keep your critical data encrypted, secure and easily accessible. From online back up, disaster recovery plans, backup media storage and data protection, the stress of your information getting lost or destroyed doesn’t need to be a concern. Have peace of mind knowing your valuable backup media is securely stored in a strictly monitored and controlled environment, with easy access to your media on demand. We will even take care of destruction, data restores, data conversions and degaussing when you need these.

Find out about our data protection services here – http://timg.wpengine.com/businesses-type/protect/

Transform your business efficiencies. Convert all media through scanning and digitisation for easy management. Our most common, and most helpful business solutions include document conversion and digitisation, data restoration, conversion and migration, and secure destruction. The transformation space is our most innovative area with products and services including eDiscovery, OpenDiscover and PaperLite.

If you think our transformation services could help you in 2018, click here – http://timg.wpengine.com/businesses-type/transform/

Manage and gain control of your paper trail with user-friendly storage solutions. Complete document storage, records storage, secure destruction, complete archiving, and specialist legal and medical records storage are all managed by the expert TIMG team.

Explore our range of services and their benefits to you here – http://timg.wpengine.com/businesses-type/manage/


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