Print Easy

The days of owning a printer, are gone. PrintEasy lets you print anything from anywhere.

With a simple 2 click installation process, PrintEasy removes all technical issues associated
with document printing whether you’re in your office or working from home.

High quality production

Our state-of-the-art production environment ensures that your print job is delivered as specified.

Affordable prices

No two jobs are exactly the same, that is why we offer our clients competitive pricing with a service guarantee.

Secure custody

As a trusted Information Management company, we securely handle and transfer confidential documents.

Easy job tracking

Search and retrieve a list of all your print jobs by name, subject, file number or date.

PrintEasy step-by-step process

Install the PrintEasy App

This 2 click installation process will see you install a print driver to your computer. Once installed, you will login, using your email Address and password and will be able to start printing documents right away.

Your documents securely printed at our bureaus

Our trained printing specialists will manage your print jobs for delivery on time, every time. Our 24-hour capability ensures deadlines are met and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Delivery and distribution services

Once your job is printed, we’ll manage the distribution across all metro centres in Australia. Our support staff are available 24/7 to assist, should you experience any difficulty with access to your account

*Our delivery capacity is subject to State and Federal declarations relating to COVID-19 restrictions

Secure storage solutions

Once your documents and records have been successfully printed and distributed, we can offer you a number of secure storage options depending on your legal obligations.

PrintEasy for Corporate

Print jobs, regardless of volume, will be sent directly to local TIMG/LitSupport bureaus where our print supervisors will process jobs and have all printed material delivered back to the requestor or to another nominated location. This solution is helping define the “new normal” where outdated and cumbersome technology is no longer cost effective.

PrintEasy will save your organisation real money!

PrintEasy – the perfect WFH print solution

TIMG Print Easy App is a game changer for those working from home. Our print solution provides incredible flexibility at the click of a button. You can get your documents printed and distributed to any address within metro Australia. Our experienced print and document production team manages every aspect of your print job including delivery and distribution.

PrintEasy is just another example of our commitment to creating the future of work, today.

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Frequently asked Questions about our Print solutions

TIMG Print Solutions

There is absolutely no limit to the number of downloads of the PrintEasy App. This solution is totally scalable and because we have a nation-wide footprint, we can process and deliver hard copy print jobs to all metro capitals around the country.

We’ve got it! Our print bureaus specialise in legal printing. And what’s more, we know all about tight deadlines and offer reliable legal print services that are used by the busiest firms across Australia.

Yes you can. With PrintEasy you’’ll no longer need to budget for ongoing running costs associated with printer purchases, maintenance, paper supplies, toners/ink, and support for your print infrastructure. We’ll take care of the whole lot.