Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Ensure your organisation can recover quickly after an unforeseen disaster or incident.

No business can afford the loss of data, productivity,
revenue and reputation

Should the unforeseen happen, you will need a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan in place. Our DR plans support Veeam, ShadowProtect and other backup software solutions. 

Being prepared to recover from an unforeseen disaster starts with a comprehensive plan and finishes with proper testing. 


The benefits of DR testing with TIMG

+ DR testing without impacting Production Environments
+ We encourage regular DR simulation and process revision
+ You determine Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
+ We ensure Fast Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

TIMG DR Plans ensure businesses can still operate after the adverse
impact of fire, earthquakes, flooding, power outages, cyber-attacks
or other serious, unforeseen disruptions.


Disaster Recovery

Log in remotely and continue working

Disaster Recovery

Fast Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Disaster Recovery

Unlimited restore points* (With TIMG HA)

Disaster Recovery

Test without impacting Production Environments

IT Disaster Recovery Services 


TIMG DR experts can assist IT professionals and organisations to develop their IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and can also review your existing DRP and develop a comprehensive: 

+ Health check report    + Compliance report    + Audit report   + Report detailing recommended improvements

TIMG IT Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)
Disaster Recovery

DR Policy

Disaster Recovery

DR Procedure

Disaster Recovery

System Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery

Client Testimonial

When our company suffered complete data loss due to extreme weather, TIMG gave a prompt response and recovered everything in no time. We were very impressed and have great confidence in their service.

The DR process step-by-step

Full data backup

Using the TIMG High Availability online backup platform, your data is backed up at our data centre.

Your servers are replicated

Replicated copies of your servers and data are on standby 24/7 at our data centre, preconfigured with your business-specific system settings, your own private networks [VLANS], dedicated IP addresses and custom firewall.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is configured

A Virtual Private Network [VPN] is preconfigured – your infrastructure will behave as if it is in the same building as your company premises

Recover quickly from any unforeseen disaster

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Disaster Recovery Plans

Unlike tape storage, file recovery is easy. Select the date and file you want to restore, enter your secure encryption key and download the file!

How you manage your data, ultimately depends on your business strategy and requirements. We recommend a Disaster Recovery Plan, as DR ultimatley falls under your Business Continuity Strategy. TIMG can help you articulate your strategy around data backups and DR requirements.

There is no one “off the shelf” pricing structure for the establishment of a Disaster Recovery Plan. Our DR experts can assist IT professionals and organisations to develop their IT Disaster Recovery Plan with a view to accommodating all levels of DR for clients with or without a current comprehensive IT Business Continuity Plan. We’ll assist with establishing DR Policy, DR Procedure and System Recovery Planning. Our experts will also review your existing DRP and develop comprehensive Health check reports, Compliance reports, Audit reports, Report detailing and recommended improvements.