Fujifilm has further developed its unique “NANOCUBIC technology***” to produce even smaller BaFe magnetic particles than those used in the LTO7. The magnetic particles are separated by highly controlled dispersion process and the tape surface roughness is controlled, achieving smooth surface of magnetic layer with enhanced NANO coating technology. In this way, Fujifilm has increased the storage capacity up to 30TB (12TB for non-compressed data), twice the capacity of LTO7, high speed data transfer reaching750MB/sec. (360MB/sec. for non-compressed data).


Furthermore, appropriate material design has allowed for high tracking performance and durability for the magnetic heads in the tape drives, boost reliability showing stable and excellent performance.


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FujiFilm LTO8 Ultrium 30TB RW Data Cartridge

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FujiFilm LTO8 Ultrium 30TB RW Data Cartridge

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