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TIMG Object Storage

TIMG Object Storage

TIMG's Online Data Archive Solution is a cost-effective solution

Simple Storage Solution


Are you in need of a fast and easily accessible way to access your data without having to compromise on security?

Due to data retention policies, organisations are required to keep data for up to 10 years or even indefinitely and as the amount of data in this digital world is growing exponentially TIMG is aiming to provide a service to fulfill this need.



TIMG likes to help their customers understand their Online Data Archive
Solution so they know what they are paying for




Benefits of TIMG’s Object Storage


Australia-based and Freightways-owned data centres. Your data is locally hosted, so data sovereignty is taken care of. Access through industry standard API for multi-application compatibility.
Flat rate of $0.02 cents per GB – most competitive rate in the market. Multi-site options available.
Pay only for what you need. Seeding for initial data available.
No upfront cost. Secure 256-bit encryption during transit and in storage (dependent on your application).
No upload charges.  


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