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Recover from Disaster Quicker with ShadowProtect

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Get a rock-solid backup every time with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, the perfect solution to protect physical and virtual machines.

ShadowProtect takes an image of your whole system – including the operating system and applications, so that if disaster strikes you can recover as quickly as possible.

Managed Off-site Backups

Any good backup system requires an off-site copy. With TIMG, you can get reliable, managed off-site ShadowProtect backups stored right here in Australia. Read more information about the TIMG High Availability Backup and Disaster Recovery Platform.

Main features and benefits

  • Protect Windows and Linux machines, physical or virtual
  • Restore to the same or different hardware, physical or virtual
  • Recover files from backup in seconds
  • Boot a back up in minutes with VirtualBoot technology
  • Fully AES 256-bit encrypted backups for secure offsite storage

High Availability

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Full server image-based backups of operating systems, software and files. Industry-leading imaging technology using StorageCraft ShadowProtect.

Restore entire servers in minutes, not days.

Designed for complete server replication

Our HA solution provides image-based backups. In combination with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® 5, it replicates your physical and virtual servers, ensuring your systems can be restored quickly in the event of a failure.

HA allows for frequent incremental back ups which can then begin uploading to the off-site storage server within minutes. It is fully customisable and scalable.


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  • Easy set up

    • HA is set up and installed with full assistance from our Technical Support Team.
    • If the full back up is too large to upload, an external hard drive will be arranged to ‘seedload’ the data.
  • Easy restore

    • Restore and download individual files via the web portal.
    • Restore entire servers onto new hardware in the event of a disaster without the need to reinstall software individually.
  • Easy upgrade

    • Scalable and customisable solutions – increase your storage retention or upgrade your service level with ease.
  • Secure

    • Data is encrypted (256-bit) during the backup process using your password as the encryption key. Only you can decrypt your data using your password.
    • Secure offsite data storage with high-level data centre security and redundancies.
  • Local

    • Peace of mind – we are a large company with Australian data centres and a 24/7 Technical Support Team in Australia.
    • Premium support options available – let us manage and monitor your backups every day, giving you peace of mind.

Technical Information

  • Block-based back up system for high-speed backup performance and restore
  • Ensure fast back ups with changed block tracking utilising Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) and StorageCraft Volume Snapshot Manager (VSM)
  • Physical-to-virtual or restore to dissimilar hardware supported with Hardware Independent Restore
  • VirtualBoot technology allows boot from backup in minutes to VMware, Hyper-V, or Oracle VirtualBox
  • Continuous-incremental back up combined with StorageCraft ImageManager enables seamless retention period management of daily, weekly, and monthly restore points

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