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NEW K!OSK Drives

Workflow Solutions for Motoring Industry.

Are you constantly filling out paperwork, collecting personal information for potential new clients? Tired of wasting time double-handling forms?

TIMG’s New KIOSK Workflow Digital Solution allows businesses such as motor vehicle, motor bike and even boat dealerships manage the flow of customer information especially test driving data more efficiently.

Identity checks, driving records, test drive forms and sales follow up actions, made easy and secure.




How does it work?

TIMG KIOSK uses Optical Character Recognition software to extract data from a customer’s driver license in one simple action.  The data is then presented digitally on a user friendly touch screen for your use. The customer’s privacy is protected by transferring the license’ image to TIMG’s highly secure servers.

From here, with our help, you can integrate the data into your business systems and improve the efficiency of your workflow.

No more risk to privacy breaches. No more lost leads. Increased Sales and High Performance!


Here are KIOSK’s key benefits for your business:

Main features and benefits

  • Assist in speeding fine allocation
  • Customer Service Index Assistance
  • Manage KPI and results
  • Marketing campaign assistance
  • Pre-populate standardised forms upon sale
  • Tailor-make unlimited workflow capabilities
  • Track test drives
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