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Relocation Services

25 May 2017

Records are the critical part of a business and the need to move and maintain them intact and in order is paramount. Removing your staff from their daily tasks to plan and implement this move can be stressful for them and unproductive for the organisation. Relocation can be the perfect opportunity to assess how your information has been managed in the past and consider what options are available to improve the processes with particular reference to new premises. We can provide the expertise and resources to handle this for you and so free your staff to continue with their day-to-day tasks.

TIMG works with clients, their interior designers, builders and architects to design the best use of floor space to house filing systems, archive systems etc. This leads to improved accessibility and efficiency, avoiding unnecessary expenditure on storage units.

Our recommendations and assistance have been welcomed by many businesses in the past. We believe you should move only what you need, and purchase only what you need.

Prior to relocating, TIMG can assess the actual amount of storage you require. Our assessment includes:

  • Current usage and storage systems
  • Future growth
  • Archiving procedures
  • Types of files used
  • Available floor space
  • Workflow consideration.

Our written report summarises all aspects of your current records management system and related storage. Included are recommendations aimed at saving you:
1. Time
2. Space
3. Money.

We can also provide time and action plans to ensure your records management system is ready to move on time. In the event of any changes that are required to be made to your records management systems, our experience tells us that the best results are achieved when changes are implemented prior to the actual relocation. It also means you are only relocating what you really need to move.

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