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02 August 2016

Gain control of your paper trail with an all-inclusive, easy-to-use solution.

In-House Document Management

PaperLite provides everything you need right in the box.

  • Document Integrity - Documents properly stored within the program can never be misfiled or lost. This eliminates the cost and lost productivity associated with finding lost documents.
  • Document Security - Documents stored in the system can have security policies applied to them so that sensitive information can be protected.
  • Document Access - This is an inherently multi-user system and provides distributed access to documents any time they are needed, right at the user's desktop.
  • Document Archiving - The system makes it easy to set up processes for archiving documents based on predetermined criteria.
  • Disaster Recovery - With PaperLite, it's easy to create and maintain backup copies of critical business documents, thereby providing quick recovery in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Regulatory Compliance - PaperLite provides the functionality to address the legal requirements to protect private information and documents.
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