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Our Document Binding Services

27 April 2017

Your Binding Needs

First impressions make a lasting difference. Whether for legal submissions, presentations or marketing material, document binding provides an unparalleled finish.

Binding Variety Available

Saddle Stitch

This is a method of binding where the folded pages are stitched through the spine from the outside using wire staples. We recommend limiting saddle stitch to documents under 64 pages in length. These should be set up in multiples or signatures of four (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.). The staples will be positioned in the middle spread.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is a type of binding where the edges of the sheets are glued to the cover, just like a telephone book. We recommend this type of binding for larger documents over 48 pages in length. Please note the margins in the spine need to be quite large, which should be allowed for in the design.

Pur Binding

Pur Binding is the same as Perfect Binding, however, the glue compound used in Pur is stronger. The extra strength makes it ideal for booklets of 200 pages or more. This method requires up to 72 hours to cure the glue once the job has been completed and ready for dispatch.

Spiral Binding

Also known as ‘wiro binding’, this method of securing loose printed pages uses single or double loop wire or plastic that fits into round or rectangular holes in the pages. We recommend spiral binding for blank notebooks and reports. Please note that broad spine margins need to be allowed for in the design. The book can consist of any number of pages.

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