Tape swapping, managed services and remote sites

26 January 2015

Reduce costs by having our highly-trained staff personally rotate and change your media.

Managed tape swapping services for co-location and regional sites

Sometimes it’s easier and more cost effective for you to have someone else look after your tape exchanges. Whether it's to save money or free up your staff for other work, we have a solution to cover you.

Tape changing and remote hands services
  • We offer a tape rotation service that includes ejecting tapes from tape drives or libraries and reinserting blank or rotation media sets, as appropriate
  • Our team is already inducted into the majority of data centres in metro regions and is willing to undergo any further induction processes to meet your individual requirements
  • We also offer a remote hands service, should you require someone at your data centre rack to perform duties under instruction

Regional and remote office services

Many of our clients have tape drives in regional offices, but the tapes may be going home with employees or not going off-site at all.

We offer a unique service to centralise regional backup tapes, enhancing your disaster recovery procedures and improving visibility and control over national tape media sets.

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