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25 February 2015

With all the paper involved with legal work and discovery, this solution - specifically built for the industry - will ensure all documents are at your fingertips at all times.

Efficiency. Security. Client Expectations.

Document management that supports your firm's success.

Documents drive most of the work performed by law firms. How you manage, secure and provide access to critical documents such as pleadings, contracts, leases and all client-matter work in process, dictates your success. Instant access to these documents from within the office, via the web, or on a mobile device has a big impact on lawyer efficiency, client satisfaction and the firm's profitability.

PaperLite provides the solution to your firm's document management needs.

PaperLite is an affordable solution that addresses the critical areas of:
  • Document filing
  • Security
  • Retrieval
  • Collaboration
  • Continuity

Successful document management systems today require the ability to accept and combine information from many sources, organise it, distribute it, and provide access security. PaperLite is designed to optimise and protect information from many sources stored in different forms. Clients today expect firms to have systems that secure sensitive documents and provide access to documents instantly from anywhere, and PaperLite does all this and much, much more.

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