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High Availability + Disaster Recovery

14 January 2015

Disaster recovery failover solutions for single server failure and full site failure using a private off-site cloud network. Fast restore capabilities, allowing your business to continue to operate remotely after total server loss.

Restore your server from your private cloud within 30 minutes.

Our disaster recovery (DR) solutions will protect your business data and allow speedy recovery after a single server failure, complete loss of your server network or the inability to access your offices.

HA combined with DR can back up a complete image of your physical and virtual servers, including all software and data, ensuring your systems can be restored quickly in the event of a failure.

HA allows you to perform frequent image back ups over the internet. In the event of a disaster, we can virtual boot your server at our data centres, providing you with a private cloud environment. Your staff will be able to access your servers again from home or from a mobile computing device and continue operating the business.

Our Technical Team can design scalable and customised solutions to suit your business requirements in the event of a disaster scenario.


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