Escorted national and international transfers

26 January 2015

Give yourself peace of mind by having your data personally escorted near or far by one of our security-vetted staff.

If you need to securely transport highly critical data over long distances, be it interstate or from one country to another, then we are your best choice for success.

We offer a highly secure, hand-carried international delivery service.

We specialise in long distance and international physical transportation of:
  • Data tapes
  • Hard drives
  • Confidential documentation and critical data

Each transfer is specifically customised to suit your requirements.

We ensure the security and confidentiality of your data transfer in the following ways:
  • Only the Agent(s) and Agent Manager backup will know the time and flight details if required
  • Non-disclosure agreements can be arranged prior to the transfer
  • During the transfer, you will receive critical milestone status updates as many times as you require via phone, SMS or email
  • The tapes and/or hard drives will remain within arm's length of the Agent(s) for the duration of the transfer
  • Where possible, the same Agent(s) will be used for the entire transfer
  • Preferred ID verification will be obtained in advance for pickup and delivery and noted on consignment notes. Similar ID will be provided to you for the TIMG Agent(s) involved
  • Contact numbers for all parties will be made known including 24/7 escalation contact numbers
  • Contact numbers and email addresses will be checked prior to transfer
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