Data Hosting

06 April 2017

Technology and hosting costs must be proportionate to the legal costs incurred on a matter, productivity gained and overall cost savings when compared to traditional discovery practices. Our team helps you find the right fit for your unique requirements.


LitReview, an easy to use web-based system will give you everything needed to efficiently manage your evidence without the hefty price tag.

LitReview contains all features you would expect in a purpose-built litigation support system, including:

  • Rights management
  • Search: metadata & document text
  • Support for both native files and converted images
  • Ability to create subsets (lists and saved searches)
  • Front end import and export
  • Bulk code and update
  • Tag and categorise documents
  • Workflows.

We’ll help you set the parameters of your discovery by assisting you with identifying, locating and examining your evidence.

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