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Accounts Payable

25 February 2015

Let our wealth of experience ease your Accounts Payable pain with this custom-built workflow solution for managing invoices.

Streamlined Accounts Payable processes with PaperLite

Control the process. Control the costs.

We are experienced in providing finely tuned solutions for common business tasks and roles. Accounts Payable is a process-intensive department, with invoices arriving daily in all formats. Making invoices electronic and developing a workflow around approval and payment processes can save both time and money for your organisation.

Accounts Payable Challenges PaperLite Solves:
  • Reduces the risk of making costly duplicated payments.
  • Provides a process that addresses incomplete or incorrect invoices.
  • Allows for accepting discounts as a result of improved process cycle times.
  • Reduces vendor relationship issues due to lost invoices or late payments.
  • Provides organisational scalability which allows for varying volumes and growth.
  • Reduces basic human error.
  • Provides predictable operational costs for better planning and budgeting.
  • Reduces organisational risk and provides disaster recovery and a continuity plan.
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