Samatha Bowie – National eDiscovery Consultant

At TIMG, we are fortunate enough to have a highly skilled team of eDiscovery professionals managing the delivery of end-to-end solutions for our clients. We caught up with Samantha Bowie, TIMG National eDiscovery Consultant to learn more.

Meet Samantha Bowie, she is an admitted lawyer in NSW and has extensive experience in electronic discovery and litigation matters generally.

Sam’s experience ranges across private and public sectors, having worked in law firms, for government bodies, and private organisations alike. We sat down with Sam to learn more about the world of eDiscovery.

“Sam is one of those people who truly understands the complexities of her industry. Her clients trust in her ability to deliver results on time and on budget.”

Tineke Mann,
National eBusiness Manager
TIMG Australia

Q  – Hi Sam, thanks for taking the time to sit with us to chat about work. We know how busy it can get for the EDD team.

SB –Hi, no problem. Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we do get very busy – mainly because a lot of what we do is reactive and time sensitive. One rolling delivery after another and when all the matters drop at once (standard), it can get pretty hectic.

Q  – Can you tell us how you started out and a bit about your career journey to TIMG?

Sure. My career kicked off in 2006 as a paralegal and administrative assistant for the Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution team at Sparke Helmore Lawyers. It was during my time at Sparkes that I was introduced to the world of eDiscovery. I worked on the C7 litigation, assisting in preparing briefs, appeal books, affidavits and exhibits, all based on evidence identified in the Nuix Discover Evidence Management platform (then named Ringtail).

After a short term at Sparkes, I was offered a role at Allens, where I was engaged to work on a major construction litigation. In late 2009, I joined a special task force at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, where we were investigating the collapse of ABC Learning Centres. In 2010 I joined FTI Consulting, where I stayed for 8.5 years. In this role I provided project management and analytical consultancy services to legal, government and corporate clients in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. I also oversaw the administration and management of major implementations of hosted and on-site dedicated review databases for private and government clients. I worked on assignments out of London and China, including project managing a review for a banking client’s compliance with a court ordered discovery.

In late 2018, I joined TIMG as the National eDiscovery Consultant, and in this role I am primarily responsible for building and driving the TIMG Consulting Team. Today, we are a strong and highly skilled team of eDiscovery consultants providing clients with data discovery solutions for document review, trial preparation, investigations, Royal Commissions, information governance, regulatory responses, data analysis and more.

Q  – You’ve clearly had a wide range of experience across many aspects of the law. What is it about eDiscovery that keeps you motivated?

SB – To be honest, it’s the challenge and excitement around the application of tech smarts to unravel complexity. A busy eDiscovery environment is synonymous with pressure but that isn’t a bad thing as it allows the opportunity to dig in and be part of a solution. I am also mildly obsessed with the task of recruiting and growing the best eDiscovery team in the country, capable of tackling any job – irrespective of scale.

Q  – Any advice for someone starting out in eDiscovery and data management?

When it comes to eDiscovery, I can tell you that having strong organisational and time management skills are crucial. While not the exclusive domain of eDiscovery, these skills will go a long way when managing litigation objectives for multiple clients, simultaneously. You also need to be a clear and effective communicator – to both clients and team members alike.

My advice would be to not limit yourself to one technology – learn as much as you can about multiple solutions so that you can really become a trusted advisor to your clients. Be honest; if you think there is a more effective way of getting your client to their solution, have that conversation. Take your time, double check your work, and don’t be afraid to ask your team for help or event to just bounce around ideas. Finally, think outside the box; there is rarely a silver bullet solution!

Q  – Thanks for your time today, Sam, we really appreciate it and wish you and the team all the very best.

SB – Thanks and no problem! Always happy to chat about the world of eDisco.        

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