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FAQ's on Information management

Who is TIMG?

Briefly, TIMG has been in the business of caring for our customers' mission critical data since 1999. We provide solutions and excellent service that meet the disaster recovery (DR) and statutory needs of all kinds of businesses from mum and dad operations to multi-national corporates.

Does TIMG have a national presence?

We certainly do. We are in every state and territory in Australia and have access to our sister company, Online Security in NZ.

What accreditations does TIMG have?

ISO 9001 Quality Management Accredited

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Accredited

ISO 27001 Information Security Management Accredited

Click here to see our full list of Accreditations

What do the new privacy laws mean for business?

Businesses now, more than ever, need to control personal data and show they are using best practice to manage this data. Most self-store solutions do not meet the litmus test of ‘best practice’.

Online Backup

Are online backups secure?

Definitely. Your data is securely stored in a remote backup server hosted within a corporate data centre using military-level encryption employed by most multi-national banks that require a high level of security.

All of your data is 256-bit encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on your backup server through a secure SSL channel. Encryption and decryption will only be done on your machine with the user's password, which will not be transmitted during uploading and downloading. Therefore, nobody else can read the files – not even us.

Will my internet charges go up?

No, internet charges will not go up unless your ISP charges for uploads.

How will I know if the back up is successful?

Each time a back up is run our backup server generates a report and emails you.

Is my network/computer supported?

Our online backup supports essentially all common operating systems and databases, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, UNIX, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Notes/Domino, Oracle and MySQL.

What back up options do I have?

We offer three main back up products:

  • BackOnline Express: Back up files, folders and emails. Designed for laptops and workstations.
  • BackOnline Server: Back up files and folders as well as common server software such as Exchange, SQL, IBM Notes and more.
  • BackOnline HA: Fully-managed, enterprise-class online back ups with fast recovery.

Customised solutions to suit your business are also available.

Downtime is not an option for me. How can I keep my business running in the event of fire or flood?

Enquire about our DR technologies, designed for enterprise. We can mirror your network and start your servers at our remote data centre, enabling your business to keep on running – even if your office is wiped out.

What do I need to back up?

Your computer consists of programs and data; you need to back up your data. As an example, you should back up your Microsoft Word documents but not the Microsoft Word program.

When should I back up?

Back ups are done at night when the computer system is not in use. The only exception is when you use continuous data protection (CDP). CDP transfers your files when you change them.

How long do you keep my backups?

You choose how long we keep your files. Generally customers choose to keep files for one year, however long-term archiving options are available.

What happens if I delete a file?

No problems! Deleted files remain in your backup storage for an interval that you choose, generally around 30 days.

How long will my back up take?

Most business back ups are completed within the hour. Since the backup program only sends the changes of each file, minimal time is taken.

Will the backup software back up open files?


Why have a box on my site?

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) box allows you to restore files quickly and easily. The only restore you will need to do from the customer webpage is if you lose your server and the NAS box.

How do you complete the first large back up?

We can send you an external hard drive to speed up your first back up.

How do I restore files?

You can restore files from your local NAS box or the secure customer login page.

Do I have to restore my entire backup just to recover one file?

Unlike tape storage, file recovery is easy. Select the date and file you want to restore, enter your secure encryption key and download the file!

I’ve lost everything, how can I get my data back?

Our online backup solutions will copy your data to another hard drive and express ship it direct to your chosen address. Alternatively, you can download your data from our secure login page.

Document Storage

Do we have to use TIMG boxes to store with TIMG?

We encourage the use of our product only because it is ‘fit for purpose’. Many cheaper brands fail almost upon pick up, so in effect it is a false economy as you may need to pay for a replacement. However as long as the box has full integrity, no you do not have to use our product.

We use a self-storage shed for our archives – is TIMG cheaper?

Possibly we can be cheaper, however it is important to note the new privacy legislation, the requirements under it, and that self-store may not fulfil those requirements. We are happy to look at all options and come up with the best value proposition for any customer.

Our boxes are already barcoded – do we need to re-barcode our boxes with TIMG barcodes?

Not at all. Our software is able to handle any existing barcode. We simply import the data and scan away under the existing barcode. This makes any transition seamless, efficient and fast.

How quickly can I get a box or file back if it’s urgent?

Depending on your location, as quickly as 60 minutes.

What makes TIMG different to other providers?

Firstly our people, they are “our people” not contractors. Our delivery team is fully trained in security and customer service. Secondly information management is what we do. Your records are safe with TIMG and your records handled by professionals. We are not a courier so records do not travel with general freight and they are secure throughout the transportation chain. Thirdly our systems and software give us the ability to deliver a robust performance every time and help streamline your archiving activities. Lastly we are always improving and making sure we offer the most up-to-date solutions for any of your records management requirements.

How can you help streamline my archiving?

Since 1999 we've built systems and processes to help our customers regain control of their archiving. Our software allows you to catalogue directly, therefore doing away with cumbersome spreadsheets. Everything from ordering products to archive requests can be done online, saving time and money.

Do you use contractors for your deliveries?

We do not. We maintain full integrity of the process from pick up to delivery by using our own fully trained and vetted employees.

What sort of vehicles do you use for transporting boxes?

We use unmarked vehicles for security reasons. Each vehicle is managed and owned by TIMG to ensure service schedules are adhered to, reducing risk and breakdowns. We are not a courier so records do not travel with general freight; they are secure through the transportation chain.

Complete Archiving

How can you help with my existing archives?

Whether you store records on site, in self-storage or with a storage company, we can provide hassle-free transition to our services.

There is nothing for you to do - we can take care of everything including packing, cataloguing, barcoding boxes and/or files, lodgement into storage and providing a detailed list of archives.

What if my existing boxes are in poor condition?

We’ll re-box records from damaged or crushed boxes and transpose the contents to new boxes.

My records are in self-storage – how do your charges compare to self-storage?

Our storage charges are almost always substantially lower than self-storage charges and you’ll have the added benefits of precise tracking and convenient and rapid retrieval and delivery of required files or boxes.

How quickly can I access files?

You have various options:

  • Next-day delivery as standard with the option of same-day urgent delivery
  • We retrieve and image your required documents, which you receive in as little as 15 minutes
  • Immediate online access to previously scanned documents and files.

How can TIMG help with future archiving?

We provide specialised services tailored to the needs of file-intensive businesses including the legal and conveyancing, finance and healthcare professions.

Services are designed to ensure files are precisely tracked, securely stored and available on-demand.

We can take care of any or all aspects of file packing, barcoding, scanning, storage and eventual destruction in an entirely hassle-free process.

Do you provide online access to records?

Yes – you’ll have access to your records via our web application Coalesce, to search, track, request and view scanned images of documents.

Can I view records online?

Yes - our web application Coalesce provides storage of scanned images and other files for downloading or viewing on-demand by your authorised users.

Do you provide scanning services?

Yes – we provide project-based scanning for archival purposes, plus ongoing scheduled scanning of current records as part of a time-critical Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service.

Backup Media Storage

What type of backup media can TIMG store?

Any type, from old reels to the latest technology in tapes and hard drives.

What kind of environment is backup media kept in?

All of our vaults are temperature and humidity-controlled. They are also equipped with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) and gas fire suppression systems in the unlikely event of a fire.

Do I need to purchase software to manage my media?

Not at all – our online software caters to all your management needs and is provided as part of the service. We offer full training on site or off site, at your convenience.

What happens if there is an emergency after-hours and I need my data?

We understand disasters can happen any time, so our team is on call 24/7, including weekends and public holidays.

I use generic barcodes – does this mean I need to re-barcode?

Not at all. Our software is compatible with any barcode.

We have been keeping our tapes onsite or someone takes them home, why would I need to change this system and move to off-site storage?

There are a number of risks to your business by doing this. Firstly if for whatever reason you could not gain access to your site, you will not be able to instigate your DR plans.

Secondly if someone loses the tapes on the way home or their home is broken into, you may lose all the data compromising your entire business.

Lastly you are putting the responsibility of managing your mission critical data to your staff; is that fair to them?


Can we scan our own documents?

By all means. We provide scanning services because many businesses find scanning their documents a cumbersome process. Additionally, most businesses only have access to lower grade scanners, which add a great deal of time and complexity to the process.

We use high-speed scanners and intelligent software to process documents. Our team is also trained in both the scanning process and the relevant document preparation steps required – ensuring you get the best results. This way your staff can stick to the areas of the business that matter most.

What happens after our documents are scanned?

That all depends on your requirements. Documents can be delivered back to you or they can be stored in our storage facility. Alternatively, if required, documents can temporarily be shelved pending future destruction.

We will work with you to map out the process that best fits your business requirements.

Where does the scanning take place?

Scanning can take place either off site (at a TIMG facility) or on site. While our facility is highly secure, if your business policies demand that documents cannot leave your premises, our scanning operator(s) can bring the equipment to you and scan from your offices.

Will the documents be returned in original condition?

That is entirely up to you. If you require, all documents can be put back together exactly as they arrived (re-stapled, bound, etc.). If this is not required (for instance the documents will be archived or destroyed) we can leave them in their prepared state.

We will work with you to determine what best fits your business needs.

Can you index my documents?

Certainly. We are happy to collect index data for your documents to assist in filing them or searching them later. Much of this can be done automatically and where this is not possible, our data entry team will capture this manually on a per document basis. We can then provide this index data in an Excel file, CSV or any other format required.

What format will my documents be in?

Our primary output for scanned files is a searchable PDF. This includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the document text – meaning the contents can be searched. We can also output the scanned documents in other image formats as required.

Online Document Storage and Workflow

Is online document storage secure?

When documents are hosted on TIMG servers, they are stored in such a way that only authorised personnel have access to them. When they are downloaded over the internet for access, it is over an encrypted channel – meaning no one else can intercept your data. This makes transmission of documents far more secure than email.

Why store our electronic files with TIMG?

TIMG's eFile solution provides an excellent way to organise your electronic files. They can be categorised with extensive metadata to allow for easy location and access. This resolves the issues around maintaining a complex file/folder structure across a number of servers.

What happens if we want our files back?

This is no problem at all. We understand the circumstances of an organisation change over time. We will happily make all your files available to you on a media format of your choice.

We have defined business procedures – can TIMG automate these?

Certainly! We tailor our workflow solutions around the needs of our individual customers. In addition to having standard solutions, we have a team of developers who can customise our solutions to the specific needs of your business – or build something completely new if need be. This can fit in as seamlessly as required with your existing processes or if preferred, we can assist you in streamlining those processes further.

Are workflow solutions only for finance?

Not at all. Any area of the business that has set processes can benefit from a workflow solution. This may include other departments such as HR, logistics, billing, administration, training – the list is virtually endless. We are happy to assist in mapping these processes for a more efficient workflow.

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