Let Nuix Discover® accelerate your eDiscovery

Effortless self-service eDiscovery. Nuix Discover® accelerates your eDiscovery process so your team can uncover better evidence, faster.

Make the switch to the world’s leading cloud-based eDiscovery solution and turn messy data into actionable intelligence.

Our team of experienced eDiscovery analysts and consultants, help clients manage their matter-related data in efficient, defensible, and compliant ways, using Nuix Discover. We employ defensible process-driven workflows, backed up by industry-leading tools to provide you with access to your output in the formats you need.

| At TIMG, we recognise the challenges presented by large eDiscovery projects. This is why we’ve partnered with Nuix, an industry leader in eDiscovery solutions.

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Nuix Discover® (SaaS) is an industry leading
self-service eDiscovery platform 

More and more law firms and their corporate customers are moving eDiscovery to the cloud to reduce their investment in infrastructure while increasing scalability and accessibility. Nuix Discover can support a mix of on-premises and SaaS, so that you can stage your journey to the cloud whenever you’re ready.

| As a Nuix Discover partner, we are able to provide eDiscovery solutions that draw on the strengths of a single platform which, when combined with our expertise and industry experience, offers clients high value outcomes.

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Considering moving your eDiscovery in the Cloud?

If your firm is considering moving your eDiscovery to the cloud, our team of experienced eDiscovery consultants will help you review and reduce your investment in infrastructure while increasing scalability and accessibility. Nuix Discover® software as a service (SaaS) can also support a mix of on-premises and SaaS, so you can stage your journey to the cloud whenever you’re ready.

| The need to have an agile response to remote work has never been more critical to business continuity planning. By ensuring that your eDiscovery platform is in the cloud, you’ll enable effective collaboration between your dispersed remote workers and review teams.

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Benefits of Nuix Discover SaaS
for your business


Accessed from any web browser, Nuix Discover removes the hassle and costs of hardware installation. Give your legal team the technology required to efficiently take on complex eDiscovery challenges.


Nuix Discover is ISO 27001 certified and has been assessed under the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). Your data is safely stored in secure Data Centers in Australia and around the globe.


Nuix Discover’s award-winning user interface makes it easy to create new cases, manage users, review evidence, import and export data, roll out productions, and report on progress.


Designed to empower rapid decision making and improve productivity of your entire legal team, Nuix Discover’s clear, colorful and concise user interface is easy to learn and use.


Our team is dedicated to helping you migrate your case data to the cloud. We’ll ensure that your data is backed up regularly, letting you do more, grow faster and succeed with Nuix Discover.


Nuix Discover SaaS receives weekly updates. From performance optimisations, new features and bug-fixes, Nuix Discover updates are fast, seamless and non-intrusive.

Control all phases of your eDiscovery

Let TIMG’s team of consultants, partnered with Nuix, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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