LitSupport Attends LegalTech: Days Two & Three

12 February 2015

Given that LitSupport is a 24/7 business, it is fitting that we recently attended the annual LegalTech Trade Show in the city that never sleeps, New York.

Running from 3-5 February, LegalTech is the pre-eminent legal technology event of the year exhibiting innovative products designed to enhance the profession’s current and future eDiscovery service offerings. Our Delegates eDiscovery Director Neeraj Chand and eDiscovery Manager Chris Gouliaditis share their observations from days two and three.

As the novelty of day one subsided, the focus was on navigating through the latest software and service offerings in the eDiscovery marketplace. The topic of big data and information governance was at the centre of most discussions – how do we collect it? How do we process it? How do we make sense of it? These conversations also exposed concerns about the cost of technology in our industry and raised the question of whether the cost of technology outweighs the benefits.

Another emerging area is the Social Media space. As Social Media is such a prevalent part of modern society, there are an increasing number of cases where legal teams are looking to Social Media intelligence in order to enhance evidentiary value. Accordingly, there are a number of products that are gaining traction in the market.


Albeit the previous tone of the marketplace was a fixation with developing in-house technologies, a rise in companies developing specialised applications such as viewers, search engines and analytics has prompted integration of these in a range of products and services. The accessibility of these specialised applications by a range of software producers has somewhat levelled the playing field. There is also notable interest in our industry from larger multinational technology companies, and we watch this space to see how they will influence the market.

What was apparent from LegalTech is that the industry is well and truly thriving and continually evolving – LitSupport looks forward to evolving with it.


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