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LitSupport Acquires NextDiscovery

07 October 2014

The acquisition of NextDiscovery by LitSupport heralds an exciting new epoch, uniting two distinct market leaders and enabling LitSupport to provide unsurpassed, end-to-end Electronic Document, Bureau and Consulting services.

Brad Gabriel, LitSupport’s Managing Director says: “We will develop and maintain relationships with our clients more than ever through our second to none service levels, front-running team of operational and litigation technology experts, 24/7 availability and network of offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.”

LitSupport’s eDiscovery Services Director, Neeraj Chand, adds: “The integration of NextDiscovery into LitSupport’s national footprint will allow us to provide a genuine end-to-end eDiscovery service offering. LitSupport is committed to innovation and investing in the best available technology in order to increase efficiency and lower costs. Our aim: To be a technology-based business that is versatile, to accommodate our clients’ changing needs.”

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