John Porter – Senior eDiscovery Consultant

We have a highly skilled team of eDiscovery professionals at TIMG and spoke to John Porter – Senior eDiscovery Consultant, to learn more.

Meet John Porter, he is a senior eDiscovery Consultant with TIMG. With over six years’ experience in eDiscovery, John has supported large, complex litigious and regulatory matters in Australia and Hong Kong.

John has extensive experience in using the Nuix Discover eDiscovery platform (previously known as Ringtail), as well as comprehensive skills in searching and analysing data using Nuix Workstation, early case assessment, and processing data in accordance with court rules and discovery protocols.

“John has outstanding technical skills and brings a solid understanding of the legal technology landscape to every project. ”

Tineke Mann,
National eBusiness Manager
TIMG Australia

TIMG  – Hi John, really appreciate you taking time to chat with us today. At TIMG, we know John, the skilled eDiscovery professional but not many would know that you are also a very talented and indeed qualified musician!

Can you tell us more about your amazing journey thus far? At what point did you make the switch from music to eDiscovery and forensics?

JP – My pleasure. Well, the short answer to your question is destitution! Music is a funny old business to try and make a living from. That said, I was always pretty interested in technology, I found I picked up a lot of things really quickly. So, IT was a no-brainer in terms of my next step. In terms of how I got into eDiscovery, like a lot of people in this field, I just kind of fell into it through being in the right place at the right time.

It’s certainly not a line of work that is right for everyone. But I found that I had the right demeanour and work ethic for this field, combined with some really great mentorship early on in my career.

TIMG  – You’ve worked on huge matters including, Royal Commissions and have managed the forensic collection of vast amounts of electronic data. Can you shed some light on the challenges you and your team face on these big projects?

JP – One of biggest challenges we face is dealing with a lot of ambiguity. This happens a lot on projects with tight deadlines, such as Royal Commissions and regulatory matters. Often, we (and our clients) don’t have a really good sense of data volumes or data types at the outset, particularly when you are dealing with large organisations, or large numbers of custodians.

The best thing you can do is make sure you ask the right questions, make contingency plans, and just get ready to roll with the punches as the unexpected arises.

TIMG  – Do you have any advice for someone wanting to work in the eDiscovery sector?

JP – You don’t necessarily need to be super-technical to work in this field, but I think being curious about technology, and being prepared to learn lots of new things on the fly is really important.

eDiscovery is a broad church, there are lots of different skill sets needed to help a team function: everything from hands-on technical roles, through to project and people managers. So, if you are interested in eDiscovery, there are potentially lots of different roles you could fill.

TIMG  – Thank you for your time today, John. We wish you and the team all the best and look forward to hearing you play the saxophone sometime soon!

JP – Ha! Anytime.

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