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How finding an eDiscovery trusted advisor can save you time and help you get ahead of your competitors

How finding an eDiscovery trusted advisor can save you time and help you get ahead of your competitors

29 April 2018

For the astute litigator, finding the right eDiscovery professional or team to assist you may put you ahead of your competitors. That’s where TIMG comes in. We offer a streamlined data searching and sharing facility, that is also cost effective.

Most lawyers are busy and more often than not, don’t have time to get on top of technological issues, as well as run their practices. However, understanding eDiscovery, its benefits and how implementation in your firm can save you time and money, is integral to long-term benefits.

If eDiscovery is on your to-do list, try not to complicate the process. Building a relationship and working partnership with a company who specialises in this can save you time and ensure you are being guided to the right solution.

Make sure you carry out the right research to see who is the best partner for your eDiscovery issue.  You need to look for the following:

  • •    An understanding of basic principles of evidence
  • •    An ability to grasp the technical side of eDiscovery software
  • •    Clear and concise explanation of technical concepts
  • •    Demonstration of “out of the box” thinking in terms of selecting the appropriate software
  • •    Approaching of matters in a commercially pragmatic way
  • •    Display of strong project management skills.

It is important to understand the type of eDiscovery software being used. eDiscovery software has become a lot more sophisticated, and is much more user friendly. There are now purpose-built applications that can process large amounts of data very quickly, meaning they can deal with big data. Ask questions and make sure your eDiscovery partner is equipped with the right software.

The objective with eDiscovery is to provide a bespoke service, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, that will achieve the best result for your client while saving them money.


To get started on your journey to eDiscovery, contact the TIMG team today.



Extracts from and credit to: Neeraj Chand

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