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What our clients are saying about us

Here's a small sample of the feedback we've received from those who have worked with us. Because privacy and security is important to us, we don't publish the names of our clients.

Many of the organisations we work with are willing to provide references about the exceptional service we deliver, so feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more.

  • "I love you guys - I've recommended you to all my friends with businesses. If they ever need file storage, you're the place to go. There's never been any issues. The Service Representatives are always lovely."

    Office Manager, National Professional Group
  • "Switching from a competitor was the best decision we've ever made - TIMG offers a fantastic service just like the sales people promised! Sean and Dragan are amazing to deal with. They are always really friendly and if we call them to say we have a lot more to pick up they always bring a bigger truck. We're thrilled and delighted with them!"

    Corporate Manager, National Restaurant
  • "TIMG is the best archiving business I've ever come across - I highly recommend your company. The Service Representative always comes in with a smile."

    Education Management
  • "The Service Representatives are very polite and helpful. One even organised our boxes, made a list of what was being stored, then sorted a new solution. I appreciate the great customer service TIMG provides, the follow-ups are fantastic!"

    Officer,  Australian Health Governing Council
  • "Things could not be going any better; everything is excellent! There is absolutely nothing to complain about the fantastic Service Representatives. If I could give them 200/100 I would."

    Government Directorate
  • "The service is wonderful and the online system is great - it's so detailed! Alia is very helpful and gets straight to the point, doing everything immediately. I also appreciated Tim coming in to show us how to use the Coalesce system. The face-to-face customer service is exceptional and very professional. I'd give 101 out of 100!"

    Telecommunications Shop, South Australia
  • "The guys that come around give outstanding customer service. The other half of my company uses a major competitor as their records provider, and TIMG outperforms them every time. I was once told I would have to switch providers, but I refused and kept with TIMG!"

    Assistant, Religious Body Property Trust
  • "TIMG has been superb. I'm impressed with the calibre of staff. The Service Representatives are really helpful. They've all bent over backwards to help us with anything we've needed. One long weekend, we forgot to put in our special request for tapes, but someone at TIMG looked at our delivery patterns and managed to send over the right amount of tapes. I was shocked and incredibly impressed!"

    National Health Fund
  • "I don't say this very often, but everyone in your company has been wonderful. Roger - fantastic. Ian - fantastic. The manager - fantastic. Everyone has been great! And the way everything runs is impressive. It's easily a 100/100 service!"

    Property Conveyancer, Victoria
  • "TIMG provides us with unbelievable service. I am particularly impressed with Sean and Dragan; they are the most professional gentlemen that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their performance always goes above and beyond. From me, 110 out of 100!"

    Managing Partner, Queensland-based Law Firm
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