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Intellectual Property Protection

Backup media storage

Have peace of mind knowing your valuable backup media is securely stored in a strictly monitored and controlled environment with easy access to your media on demand. We'll even take care of destruction, data restores, data conversions and degaussing when you need it.

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Document storage

Secure and efficient off-site storage solutions for your physical files and document boxes. Matched with our advanced yet user-friendly software, you can access your complete inventory online to easily catalogue, retrieve, digitise and destroy your documents on demand.

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Document conversion & digitisation

Experience a new world of business efficiency and innovation with our end-to-end document conversion and digitisation solutions. No longer do you have to spend countless hours searching for physical documents - our secure scanning services convert documents into digital formats for easy and efficient storage and retrieval. Combined with our fully customisable electronic document management system, you can index your documents to make them electronically searchable.

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