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How TIMG is fully Environmentally Friendly

Corporate Environmental Responsibility


Every one of us has the responsibility to look after our planet. Rest assured that TIMG will always adopt the cleanest and greenest methods of providing any of our corporate services.





Green Printing

Green printing can cut expenses as well as help environmental sustainability, preservation and conservation efforts. TIMG implements the eco-friendliest solutions to help move towards a more environmentally conscious corporate world.




While it can be impossible to go completely paperless, we encourage all organisations to go PaperLite. In today's digital world, the need for paper is decreasing.


Being Friendly To Our Planet

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TIMG takes great pride in pursuing methods that promote sustainability, as part of our social responsibility. We must start somewhere, sometime. And now is that time.


Why throw away something that can be repurposed? Corporate waste accounts for a big portion of pollution. Recycling and reusing means creating less waste and saving costs whilst maximising returns.


Carbon footprint and emissions are becoming more of a prominent problem than ever before. Every little bit helps, and the first step is always to acknowledge a problem exists.


At TIMG, our services are offered with a commitment to quality assurance processes. In viewing each job as a discrete project, we enable our clients to have as much or as little involvement in the structure of their work as required. We tailor every solution to your needs and your budget.

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